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Client Diaries


The brand Devyani Jaipuria Sports Academy (DJSA), in collaboration with Da One Sports and former Indian Cricket Captain, Shikhar Dhawan, is to spearhead a transformation in sports education in India. The objective is to identify, nurture, and cultivate athletic talents among students, guiding them on a path to becoming future sports luminaries. The task was to elevate brand awareness for DJSA.


Our strategy revolves around establishing a robust and engaged audience and generating excitement in preparation for the grand launch event. To accomplish this, we have devised a range of initiatives aimed at building the brand’s presence and emphasizing the vital role of sports in the lives of our students.


We have comprehensive coverage of the launch event, providing live updates for virtual audience participation. We share event glimpses, highlighting Shikhar Dhawan’s active involvement in cricket to underscore the event’s significance. We document the Shikhar Dhawan and Devyani Jaipuria Sports Academy Launch Event, emphasizing our brand’s mission.