Samosa Singh

Client Diaries


In 2016, the Samosa Singh family embarked on a mission to reinvent the Samosa and reaffirm its position as an iconic Indian snack.

This revival of the Samosa as Samosa Singh represents a remarkable blend of entrepreneurial acumen and a deep appreciation for India’s diverse culinary heritage, all neatly encapsulated within the beloved Samosa’s folds.


Our campaign, known as Samosa Singh #ChaatVerse, is designed to promote the brand and its products comic book style! It is dedicated to crafting compelling narratives where the filling ingredients take center stage as the main characters in their comic books. With a commitment to creating personalized personas for each ingredient, we skillfully weave these characters into engaging story formats that captivate their audience


With a fusion of the two things Indians absolutely love, Bollywood and food, we brought the audience a story of a lifetime, a story of Sidhu the samosa and mimi the moon daal kachori, supported by Jassi the Lassi, Bada Pav the Vada Pav, and Kiki the pyaaz kachori.